Thursday, April 30, 2015

Further thoughts on Craftworld Eldar

I have decided to postpone the eldar write up because I want to get a few games under my belt with the army. My thoughts are in more flux right now than when I started writing the series, and it's all because of watching Reece and the Frontline Gaming twitch channel ( .)

Over the past few days they have been streaming Eldar test matches, and none of the eldar list have been optimized.  Of the 4 games I have watched the only game that has been contentious has been vs the brb invis 2+ reroll daemon / csm summoning list.  The game came down to the final count on the king of the hill objective.  The daemon player was all in, and Reece was playing very sloply.

The two guns that I am beginning to think may make the ITC FAQ restrictions will be the barrage d-cannon on the support weapons platform, and the d-scythes.  The support weapon d-cannon seems to be a no brainer because barrage can generate more wounds than any other weapon.  As for the scythes, having watched how reliable the wraithguard are with them, it appears to me that they will require the most for thought to counter, and it won't be because you want to get into close combat.  The Wraith cannons on the WK are not a problem when comparing them to the Guard.  Some people have said the Heavy D scythe on the Hemlock isn't as much a threat to every list because it is only a small blast, and only wounds a small grouping of models.  At least the Hemlock still appears to be the red headed step child.

Reece has been running the scatter laser jetbikes, which looks like what the internet has deemed to be the best option.  Though they can pour out a ton of shots, but like alot of other stuff in the dex, they want the psykic powers to buff the shots.  Personally like i said in the first part of my write up I feel the surikan cannon is probably the better open.  I don't see jet bikes as being a back line unit.

I should be at the shop tomorrow evening and trying to get a game or two to get a first game feel for the army.  Until I get a game in, I am really trying to hold my opinion about everything.  Look for more coverage over the weekend.

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