Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Hogs of War Blog

After a two year hiatus, The Hogs blog is coming back.  While several of our members have moved on from the wargaming hobby, it is my hope to make the blog back into one of the major sources for wargaming new, hobby, and tactics.

I plan on bringing the forums back as soon as I can get one setup.  The old forums are still around on the internets, but I would not recommend using them for two reasons.  First being that the hosting company's ad company tends to not check their ads.  Too many times I have gone to there and had the dreaded " Your computer is infected " pop ups, and other malware / phishing ads come up from the top ad spot on the old forums.  Second, there is no admins / mods that check them any longer. As soon as I find a forum or find a host that can host a new blog/forum for me, I plan to have the forums up and running for the site.

My other plans for the site are to have a new post every 2-3 days, a major article up once a week, and a tournament album as they happen.  The blog will be tabletop gaming in general, but the focus will be wargaming.  40k is still my main game, but expect to see Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine / Hordes, and Infinity articles and news as time goes by.

Anyway, if your new to the site, Welcome.  If your an old hogs of war fan, Welcome Back.  I hope you enjoy the site.

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