Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tired of the Knee Jerk

I was planning on finishing the Eldar write up Monday, but after driving 6+ hours on Sunday to visit a pair of shops in central Arkansas I forgot to get the Sunday and Monday articles finished. I plan on getting the articles finished at least by Friday, but today's subject is the cause of most of my consternation on the topic of the codex.

Earlier today I was listening to a certain long running 40k podcast this afternoon, and the amount of salt coming from the crew over the Eldar dex caused me to regret keeping their podcast on my podcatcher. The crew spent the entire episode just complaining that Wraith Knights are broken, Str D has no place in the game, everything is under priced, and that you'll never see any army that isn't Eldar at tournaments now. While I agree that the point prices are a little under costed compared to the other armies I run, I just can't agree with the other points.  I could go on about the topics, that isn't what I want to talk about.  I want to discuss the fact that this isn't anything new, it's just the normal first reaction shock of change.

The "Knee Jerk" reaction is not something new to how gamers react to change.  It not only happens in our hobby, but gaming in general.  Having played Magic for almost 10 years, the new releases caused harsh reactions to 2-5 power cards from the set, but usually once the set had been out for a month people realized that the power cards were counter balanced by other stuff in the set.  MMOs also see this backlash from change with people claiming that the devs had dumbed down the game, when their tailoring the game to the audience who actually plays the game.  Heck Warmachine / Hordes has had a number of complaints about the changes their game has seen in recent years, with the introduction of the battle engines and colossals.

While some initial reactions are well warranted, they can color how people look at the stuff that the reaction is about.  For some a majorly negative reaction from another will actually cause them to look favorably at the same subject.  The reverse is also true, however there is also those like me who tends to not act on our first reaction.  Yes I was writing a first impressions on the eldar codex, but it wasn't my knee jerk reaction.  What makes a first impression really useful is when they actually take sometime to examine how it effects other aspects of their subject. When I saw the Wraith Knight entry, I looked at it and asked myself how I would use it, and how does it affect my other armies, and how do I remove it with them for example.

What I keep hearing from people who complain about stuff from the latest codex, isn't the last two questions I asked.  It's always the just the first question and it's usually answered in a self serving way to show how their right.  Whats even funnier is that the spinning of the theory hammer to fit your narrative tends to not reflect what happens in game.

I guess I am just just a little exhausted from the sheer amount of negativity around the game at the moment.  What is frustrating to me is the fact that I had found a decent Eldar force back in febuary, back before the rumors even began.  I agree that it might have colored my view of the army, but at the same time I know how good the army is that I'll refrain from playing them for the time being (at least till I'm tired of flyrant spam, and ad lance.) My hope is that in the next week or two we will see the complaints start to die down because people will actually get games in vs the new eldar and see how they actually play.

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  1. Well said, as an Eldar player myself I have been subject to a wave of negativity in my gaming group about the new dex. Its interesting as I have played Eldar since the 90's and I simply answer its a constant moving piece and it wont be long before something else comes along to trump card it! They have been good bad and damm right ugly in the time I have played Eldar. Lastly welcome back to the fold :-)