Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blog Update - Late August

Figured since I haven't posted anything recently I would go ahead and let you, the readers, know whats been going on.  Since the list building article I posted back in may I have been doing everything from reading some books I've been putting off, playing some tabletop games (mostly 40k with the eldar,) and working. Things have just been so hectic recently but I am going to start posting again.

I plan on finishing the 3 part series on intro to war gaming with a write up of what to do when you want to graduate from being a new player of a game to a more advanced player sometime in the next month. I have an impressions of Kings Of War article in the works also since Age of Sigmar has done away with fantasy.  There is a chance I may hit Rockwars in September and work up a full on photo gallery section to the website.

On the subject of the website also, I would like to welcome back former Hogs blogger, BigD.  As with the rest of the old gang, BigD took a hiatus from war gaming and has recently started back with the release of Kings of War 2nd Edition.  He will be posting from time to time, as the mood strikes him.

That's all I have for today so look forward to the next post.