Guns N’ Roses

When it comes to songs about love and War, Guns N’ Roses always delivers. From […]

Witchcraft Academy

Witchcraft Academy is a five-reel slot game. It is available with four rows and twenty […]


The Viking Runecraft game has been developed in order to play video slots in a […]


The Sails of Gold slot game we have here maybe sounded catchy, but it is […]


Prosperity Palace is yet another Asian themed slot game from the company. It is Chinese […]


The Planet Fortune game is based on the Forbidden Planet movie from 1956. It features […]


The House of Doom isn’t a game for everyone. The user interface is dark, the […]


Police and thieves is a perfect theme for an area where money is involved. Cops […]


Every good and reputed casino would give you many options to make payments when playing […]

online slots tricks

Online slot tricks and Online slot machine tricks There are millions of online slots tips […]

Hogs of War Slot Games

We are the Hogs of War! A group of casino gamers who love the war themed slots and casino games. There are soooooo many too choose from. Everything from Dead or Alive, Battleship, Space Wars, Drone Wars to The Great War – Struggle of Empires slot.

Why do people play online slots though? Why do they gamble?

The possibility of winning something, by taking the risk of something of great value is what money is all about. Participating in any of the activity giving a consideration, and making the risk of losing it, solely for fun could be related to Gambling. This has been around since the inception of humans, maybe when human were evolving from the caveman. Referring back to history supports this analogy as inscriptions and drawings studied by historians go on to prove this sinful word existed, thousands of years ago.

Lets have some fun!