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Sonya Blackjack


The leading Swedish developer and slot game provider, Yggdrasil, provides the best 3D casino experience with its Sonya Blackjack. The game has a stunning live dealer and gives the player real-life gaming feels. Conquering the hearts of the gamers since 2013, Yggdrasil gaming provides some of the most amazing slot games of all time. Nevertheless, taking the technological advancement to another level, its Sonya Blackjack table game has an astonishing and attractive live dealer who performs all the functions of a real dealer. The interiors of the game would give you an experience of the insides of a fancy casino in Vegas. The host or dealer Sonya stays all set to deal with the players. The background music of the game keeps the player entertained and involved in the game. The available features of the game are advance and give plenty of options  for players. This makes the game unique and far more appealing than the other table games. We love this outstanding game.

Sonya Blackjack Review

Sonya Blackjack does not involve any tough or complicated symbols which cannot be understood easily. In this casino card game, you’ll find a total of 6 decks with 52 cards. Soon after every single round, the cards are reshuffled. The other symbols include the controls used for betting which are present at the bottom of the gaming screen. These symbols are for doubling the bet, re-betting, or undo. All these symbols facilitate better controlling and functioning of the game. Other than these, the woman dealer is Sonya whose movements and functions are extremely close to that of a real life dealer. The menu option is also available on the left side on the top of your screen. It enables you to control the sound on and off in the game, opt for full-screen, and read the rules.

Sonya Blackjack

Sonya Blackjack Bonuses

The game does not involve any out of the blue exclusive offers which would help you earn high amounts of money. The game review clearly defines the concept of the game, and thus your winnings solely depend on your move. You can either stay back or double your bet or even hit your deal. The splitting feature of the game is available when Sonya has dealt you with two cards which have same value, whereas, for insurance, it is necessary that Sonya reveals an ace. The benefit of insurance is that you can save 50% of your bet amount even when the opponent dealer attains blackjack. If by luck, you get the topmost combo while Sonya reveals or has an Ace, you’ll receive 1xpayout and an offer to forfeit reward in the ratio 3:2.

Sonya Blackjack Slot

The overall Sonya Blackjack game review tells that the game is highly advanced as per the technology and offers incredible features and functions. The main attraction of the game is the dealer herself, Sonya. The game review is filled with appreciations by the players. The gamers get to be a part of a live gambling interface to play with other gamblers with such outstanding 3D graphics of the game.

Casino etiquette

What not to do at a casino should obvious, no? But you’d be surprised! Before you enter a casino, you should be aware of do’s and don’ts of the casinos and follow the casino etiquette. Most of the casinos have quite a set of rules to follow. You could save yourself from embarrassment if you are aware of the casino etiquettes. If you follow those rules, you could avoid getting glares from casinos dealers and also from your fellow players. Follow the below-mentioned tips before you make the first trip.

casino etiquette phone

Switch off the phone– In casinos, talking on the phone inside is not allowed as it will distract other players. If at all your phone rings, the dealer will ask you to attend the call outside or to keep it switched off.

casino etiquette for beginners

Dress appropriately– Even though some casinos allow you to come dressed in a casual manner like sandals and shorts, some others will not let you inside. Depending on which casinos you are planning to visit you have to decide on what you have to wear. You have to check with the casinos what the dress policy is so that you will not be under-dressed and you are restricted from entering the casino.

Do not carry a camera– Many of the casinos will not allow photography or videos inside the casinos. The securities are so strict in the casinos; you will be asked to leave the casino immediately. If you want to take back home the moments in casinos, it is better to buy a postcard from the local shops.

Keep control of your emotionsCasino games should be entertaining and friendly. Do not get outraged or start yelling if you lose the game or blame the dealer. This will only lead to sending you out of the casino.

Tip the dealers– It is usually a norm to tip the dealers when you leave the table. However, in a few countries, you are not allowed to tip. In another case, it does not have to be a significant amount, tipping a small amount will also do.

Handling the chips– In the roulette wheel table, you will be given different colour from others by the dealer. You should remember the colour and place it correctly for the best. You could ask the dealer for any help.

Online casino payment methods

Every good and reputed casino would give you many options to make payments when playing at their casino. The payment method that you choose to pay with at the online casino would be dependent on the country that you stay in and your preference. There are many online casino payment methods, lets take a look at a few.

online casino credit card payment

Credit and debit cards – This is one of the popular methods to make online casino payments. The process is advantageous because the transaction is instant and also secure. Almost all the online casinos accept Creditcards of significant companies. You need to have a Visa or a MasterCard, and the online casino platform will have these logos letting you know that credit cards are accepted on this platform.

The credit card payment option lets you make instant deposits and also makes withdrawals easy. The payment is secure and too comfortable to use. The deposits through credit cards are safe and completely secure. To make a payment, you need to key in your credit card number and your name along with the expiry date of your credit card and the CVV number.

mobile payment casino

Pay with your phone bill – The pay with your mobile payment bill option is offered by the top online casinos today. The payment option lets you add funds to your account using a mobile phone. The method is secure because it does not require you to enter your personal information or any card details on the online casino site. This is one of the safest ways to make payments in an online casino.
The method is also very easy, and the amount that you deposit in your casino account gets billed to your phone balance account, and you need to pay it at the end of the month.

casino paypal payment

PayPal account –PayPal is something that is not new and is used by many to purchase goods. It is an e-wallet payment method, and the online casinos accept this payment method.

paypal-payment-optionAll that you have to do is to open a PayPal account, and you can use this to make payments and accept withdrawals from an online casino. It lets you make transactions without revealing your bank account details. The rates are very competitiveandPayPal is used by many gambling websites. The registration process is simple, and you also do not have to add funds to your account. You can add a payment method which will be used directly.

To create a PayPal account, add the method of payment and use this to top up the casino account. You can also withdraw money from your PayPal account.

online casino payment

When playing online casino live games, you will have to make transfers to your casino account to keep playing the casino games. Apart from making payments through credit and debit card, there are other modes of payment methods too that are convenient and safe.

Online slot tricks

Online slot tricks and Online slot machine tricks

There are millions of online slots tips out there, but not all of them are great, and not all of them will help you win some money. As such, you will have to follow the tricks that work. We tested all of them and made a list of those that are truly helpful. Now, you can use all of the tricks mentioned below so that you can win a huge cash prize.

loose slots

The loose slots were used in conventional, mechanical slot machines. It refers to the slot machine that has a defect, so it will pay out more frequently that it should. Yes, this is also possible with online slot games. The first of our online slots tips is to pay attention to the slots that pay out more frequently than others. On the other hand, if you have been playing a game for some time, without winning a jackpot, move to the next slot game!

free spins Slots

Due to massive competition in the line of business, some online casinos offer free spins. This is an excellent way to get a jackpot or win some prize without investing an actual cent. This is one of the oldest and the most effective online slots tips out there, so make sure to use it.

slot volatility

All slot games can be divided into low or high volatility games. Those with high fluctuations will pay out less frequently, but when they do, you can expect a massive winning. The situation is opposite of low volatility slots. They pay more regularly, but lower amounts. As such, you should bet a more moderate amount on low volatility slots and a higher one on high volatility slots.

slot autoplay

Today, almost all the best online slot games to win come with autoplay option. If you want to play like an expert, you will have to avoid this option. This is one of the online slots tips that can make a huge difference. When you use an autoplay option, you are likely to spend more money than you want. Also, the game may continue to play after you win the jackpot so that it will shred it as well! Yes, an autoplay option does look appealing, but it is something that all professional players avoid.

online mobile slots

The truth it, smartphones can be used to play online slot games like Hugo 2 at any given moment. But, this also means that chances are high you will spend a considerable amount of money in less time than ever before. If you are looking to win, make sure you limit your time for playing online slot games on your smartphone. Play them using a desktop computer or eventually a laptop. Of all online slots tricks, this one is the easiest to follow, but it can make a true difference, and it is something that all experts have been using for an extended period.

Planet Fortune Casino Game

The Planet Fortune game is based on the Forbidden Planet movie from 1956. It features the characters from the movie, the sounds are realistic, and the graphics are appealing as well. All of this should help you understand that the game is extremely popular at the moment and it has been one of the most desirable during the last couple of months. In this case scenario, you will get four rows and 40 paylines in general. All of this means that the winnings odds are more than just high and the main aspect of the game in question. Playitgamecenter.com think its one of the great u k casino games

Planet Fortune Slot

When it comes to the symbols, there are a few of them which must be your priority. In essence, you get to see the characters from the movie (men and women) and standard A, Q, K and J. But, here you also get 10, blue and pink crystal. We must mention that all the symbols are developed to look like they came from the movie itself, so they are very appealing. Here you also get a unique robot symbol. It will be more than just wanted symbol during the gameplay. First of all, it is a wild. Then you will want to know that it can substitute any other symbol in the game, allowing you to win severe amounts of money or to increase the jackpot even more.



Planet Fortune Bonuses

The game we have here comes with two main bonuses. Keep in mind that we will explain them in detail and you will want to get one or both of them as soon as possible. These bonuses can make a huge difference, and they are something every single player will want.

Magnetic Mayhem– The first bonus here is based on the reels forming 2×2 or 3×3 combinations of symbols. They will be paired, and they will assist you with winning. Keep in mind that this refers to all symbols except the robot.

Robot Revolution– In this case, scenario, you will get 3 or more robot symbols on the viewing reels. They will generate free rounds for you, and they will stay on the reels, slowly moving to the left with each round, until they fell off the reels. Of course, you will get ten free spins. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get any more free spins while the round lasts.
In general, these two bonuses can help you win huge money, and they are easy to get. In other words, the chances are high that you will win at least one bonus if you play for a long period.

Planet Fortune Review

The Planet Fortune game is probably the best one for all of you who liked the Forbidden Planet movie and also like slot games. The graphics are desirable, so you will want to watch the movie once again. The payouts and winning odds are higher than usual, so be prepared to win some money.

House of Doom Casino Game

The House of Doom isn’t a game for everyone. The user interface is dark, the gothic sound effects are present, and the overall experience is different than the one you get while playing other slot games. On the other hand, this game is more than just appealing to all of you who will want to try something else, something completely different. If this casino game sounds a bit too dark for you check the cops n robbers slot review. House of Doom casino game, comes with five reels and ten paylines. Furthermore, the game starts with 10p bets, but you may reach £100 if interested. Of course, it can be played on all platforms, and it runs smoothly without any issues.

House of Doom Slot

We will have to start with the main symbols. Like in most similar games, you will encounter letters A, Q, K and J. But, here we can see the pentagrams, crosses, skulls and flaming roses. All of the cards are horror-based, so they match the game and the user interface we have mentioned. When it comes to the letters, all of them are presented in Gothic style, so they are appealing and different.

One of the symbols you will want to get is a platter, and it offers you 70 times multiplier feature. Seer is one of the wild symbols which can help you win 100 times higher than bet advantage. The maximum payout you can get is £1000, jackpot or your bet can be multiplied by 2500 times. There is no need in telling you that the lowest multiplier option is one time.


House of Doom Bonuses

The main bonus of the game is Skull of Abyss. Here you will have to get skull symbols on three middle reels (2, 3 and 4). After that, you will have to click on each one to get hidden prizes and win cash. These prized will usually be 20 times higher than your initial bet, so they are worthy.

House of Doom symbols is appreciated as well. They should be presented on 1, 3 and five reels and in that case scenario, you will get ten free spins. There is no limit when it comes to the free spins so that you can enjoy them indefinitely. In general, the game comes with two free rounds and chances are high that you will get them. In addition, reels 2 and five will be even more beneficial if a card lands on them. They will give you an additional wild reel.

House of Doom Review

The House of Doom game is one of the most different or better said original games in the world. The playing time is special, while you get plenty of opportunities to win the jackpot or a massive winning which will be 2500 times higher than your bet. Yes, the user interface, graphics, and sound are all special and appealing, but in the lack of a better word, you will enjoy every moment. Don’t forget that the game is extremely popular and offers high payout chances for all players.

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Big Win Cat Casino Game

The Big Win Cat casino game is appealing to play, and it comes with plenty of advantages. First of all, you can play the game for 5p or any upper bet up to £100. The game will run on all platforms, including smartphones and tablets and it is relatively easy to play. In addition, this is a three reel game with five paylines. The jackpot is 400 pounds, so it is worthy of your time. Let’s add the fact that the maximum multiplier here is 800 times of the placed bet. Big Cat is one of the dunder casino games offered by this fantastic UK casino club.

Big Win Cat

First of all, you must know that the game presents Asian interface and sound effect. Yes, the graphics and sound quality are impressive no less, but so are the symbols. In this case scenario, you can expect collars, bags of cash, turtles, cat toys and even a goldfish. But, the main symbol in the game is a white cat which will help you win huge money. If you get 3 of them in a straight line, the bet will be multiplied by 24 times.

All symbols are developed in high definition, so they look great, and the attention to details is impressive no less. All you have to know is that the main goal of the game is to match specific symbols in one of the five paylines. After that, you will get the winning jackpot or one of the other rewards the game has to offer.


Big Win Cat Bonuses

If you get the big win cat symbol on two reels, the last one will spin as a part of the free re-spin reward. What this means is that you have another chance to win a jackpot. This is known as Respin of Luck.
One, an even more, important form of bonus is Wheel of Multipliers. It is possible only when you win all three symbols in a straight line. This means that your bet will be multiplied by ten times. In general, you can expect winnings up to 800 times higher than the initial bet.

As you can see, the game offers you two free bonuses which are more than just appealing. Yes, the initial bet is low, but in no time you can reach to impressive amounts. Due to the fact it has three reels only and five paylines, the chances of winning are high.

Big Win Cat Review

The Big Win Cat game is extremely popular and even more desirable. At the moment, it is played by players who appreciate Asian culture and their attention to details, but players who want to win a huge amount of money are known to play the game as well. In other words, it has it all, and the game is more than just attractive to play all day long. Bonuses are likely to win at some point, so at the end of a day, this game may be an investment.

Rage to Riches Casino Game

The Rage to Riches is far more than just an ordinary slot game for beginners. This game is top-rated among professionals, thanks to the bonuses and multiplier options you can get. The first thing you will want to know is that the game offers five reels and 20 paylines. It can be played on all devices, including smartphones and it runs smoothly and in high-quality. If you want to know more, you will appreciate the fact this game features tumbling reels. What it means is that you can win several times, therefore, increasing the winning potential. The lowest bet is 20p, but the highest is £100.

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Rage to Riches Review

The symbols are almost standard. Yes, the first and the most common you will get are A, Q, K, J and 10. They are common for most slot games, and they are paired with more specific symbols which may appear at any given moment. When it comes to the additional symbols, you will be able to see King Kong, Godzilla, etc.
Watch for the stars which will appear as long as you play the game. Once you collect 5 of them, you will fill the meter at the top of the game, and it will give you an even higher odds of winning.
We must mention that the graphics and the effects while playing the game is extraordinary. For example, you can see King Kong climbing an apartment building, and he will provide you more and more bonuses and cash rewards. You also want to get a wild, which is a girl with a hairdryer.


Rage to Riches Bonuses

The first and one of the most appealing bonuses ever seen in slot games is known as Collect Feature. Precisely here you can see King Kong climbing the apartment and giving you cash rewards. Yes, you can get plenty of them, which means that your winning potential is already high.

Although the just mentioned feature is very appealing, it isn’t the only one. You can also get free spins. You will need a scatter symbol to appear on the reels at least three times. Once it is done, you will get ten free spins which can generate another 50 free spins during the gameplay. Of course, each spin can be multiplied by five times, which is the highest multiplier feature in the game.

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Rage to Riches Game

The Rage to Riches game is more about winning while you have a great time than any other game of this kind. The graphics and the sound are only the best, the overall satisfaction while playing the game will be extremely high, and you can win big time. Keep in mind that this game features tumbling reels and five times multiplier. A combination of all of this will help you win a huge jackpot and even better prizes. Yes, there are free spins, which paired with multiplier can make you a wealthy man.

Rage To Riches Slot Information

Software Play’n GO
Slot Type Video Slot
Paylines 20
Reels 5
Min Coins Per Line 1
Max Coins Per Line 5
Min Coins Size 0.01
Max Coins Size 1
Jackpot 1000
RTP 97.12%

Mega Joker Casino Game

Mega Joker is yet another progressive video slot game by Net Entertainment but with a twist. It is the basic and unusual 3-reel slot machine. Usually, NetEnt is known for making 5-reel slot machines full of bonus features and extras. But this time they have come up with a simple game with very few extra features and a progressive slot. Those who like simple and basic slot machines are going to enjoy this game very much. Also check out our review on the cops n robbers slots

Personally, I am a 5-reel full of bonuses kind of person, so I was a little reluctant on playing this slot. But once I started, I realised that NetEnt could do nothing wrong. Though this video slot is different and simple, it is no way boring. In fact, it is still a lot of fun. I enjoyed the slot thoroughly. I am sure you will too!

Mega Joker Review

The game has two different sections, the bottom section, and the top part. The bottom section is the basic game while the top section is the Supermeter reels. The symbols for both sections are also different because the Supermeter is the bonus feature of the slot. The bottom section, which is the basic game, has fruits like melons, cherries, and lemons and a treasure chest and jokers as symbols. As usual, the joker is the highest paying symbol. For the Supermeter, the symbols are melons, cherries, grapes, oranges, lemons, bells, sevens, and jokers.


Mega Joker Free Spins

Unfortunately, this slot has no free spins. Landing scatters symbols does not award any free spins. But they do have other payouts whenever they appear on the reels.
Then there is an option of mini-gamble. Once you select the gamble button, a deck of the card takes the place of the reels, and you are supposed to choose the colour of the card. If you guess right, it could mean huge winnings. You can either imagine again or collect the winnings and go back to the reels. Needless to say that if you guess wrong, you lose all your winnings from the round.
As I said before, the Supermeter is the bonus feature of the slot. With the addition of new symbols, the bet limits also increase in this section. Here you can bet up to 200 coins per spin and should you have more than one joker on the reels; you can bag a payout of 2000 coins.
One more twist to the tale is the progressive jackpot. It does not work like a normal progressive jackpot. In fact, it is a randomly paid feature. 3% of every bet played is added to the incremental jackpot amount, and you can receive it randomly at any time.

Mega Joker is a traditional 3-reel slot machine. As usual, it does have some interesting twists and turns. And surprises too! The features are limited, but whatever there is, it is all unique. Surprise progressive jackpots, no free spins on scatter, no wild, two-reel sections; every aspect of the slot is different and exclusive. I have decided not to underestimate any game from NetEnt, It is always unusual at best.

thhogsofwar will continually offer a great casino games list review. Keeping checking back.

Cops n Robbers Casino Game

Police and thieves is a perfect theme for an area where money is involved. Cops n Robbers is a remake of a classic Play’n GO slot machine. This is nothing like the original. The traditional slot has been remade many times by many powerful providers including Novomatic and Microgaming. Though this is not an old slot, it has a retro look to it. More like the 90’s and early 2000’s. The graphics are also quite basic accordingly and music a little comic at times. The 9-line setup is a low variance one, a bit different from the recent Play’n GO slots. Though we like the change. Its probably of the best online slots uk of this theme.

Cops n Robbers Slots

The basic game has basic five low-value symbols, five high-value ones, a wild and a scatter symbol. The symbols all represent the bad guys though. The low-value symbols are handcuffs, jail bars, cops, and mug shots. While the premium symbols represent the loot like jewels, paintings, gold watches, diamonds and money bags. The safe door which is the wild symbol is the most valuable and highest paying symbol of the game. The cop cars become the scatter symbol. Unusually, there are no card symbols in the game.

Cops n Robbers-Slot


Cops’n’Robbers Bonuses

The game has a unique bonus feature which comes as an unexpected turn. In a slot machine, the players always wait for a free spin round, not a car chase. But when you land five scatter symbols on your reels, the graphics of the game change drastically. You start hearing sirens in the background, and a rear-view mirror appears on the screen. Thus, the car chase begins. Your job is to keep driving until the free spins are active. Time and again you see ‘roadblock’ notice on top of your reels where you only have two choices – left and right. When you see ‘busted’ on screen, it means the round is over. But if you do get away, your winnings become double which are recorded on the top right of the screen. The bonus round is highly entertaining and a welcome change from the boring routine. The series has a potential of winning you 250x your stake.

The wild symbol does nothing extraordinary. Five symbols will win you 3000 coins while 4 of them will earn you 300 coins. The high paying symbols also win you coins. The gold watch and the painting win you 250 coins, the diamond or the jewels will win 500 coins, and the bag of money will win you 750 coins. The low paying symbols give 150 coins or less.

Cops’n’Robbers Review

Cops n Robbers is an entertaining online casino game, though not the best in the Play’n Go list. But I am not complaining. Whatever the game lacks, the car chases more than makes up for it. Overall the gameplay is smooth. The retro feel is, of course, deliberate and honestly, 10 minutes in the game and you realise it does have a certain charm to it. For the ones who are in slots for fun or those who like less intense games, do give it a spin. And who knows, you might escape the car chase and win a fortune!

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How to play roulette wheel

Have you ever been fascinated by the roulette wheel? It seems to be a lot of red and black with just two slots for green, and it has so many people gathered around its table at all times, screaming in both joy and frustration. Roulette is one game where no amount of calculation or guesswork can pay off. Trust your luck, and you have to choose. If you have not tried playing this game only because it was too complicated to understand, hogs of war offer some basics about the game, to help you get started.

how do you play roulette wheel

So how does this game work? There is a roulette wheel, which is an online casino betting table, some betting options for each player and a ceramic ball that decides the fate of your bets. The croupier is the person who spins the wheel and drops the ball. He turns the wheel in one direction, and the ball is spun in the opposite direction. As the wheel comes to a stop, the ball will land in one of the many packets. The person who has wagered this particular number wins.

roulette betting

There is two set of roulette betting options. You can choose between inside bets and outside bets. On the table, you will see two sections, one for inside bets with a series of numbers and one for outside bets. These are denoted by “0” and “00”. You can bet on a single number or even choose up to five different numbers. The chips will have to be placed accordingly before the wheel can be spun. The bets are chosen based on the risk involved and how lucky you feel.

The riskiest bets have the highest payouts. The more you spread your bets for safety, the lesser is the payout. Inside bets are riskier than outside bets; hence people who are just beginning to play this game or are warming up for more severe stakes will spread their bets on the outside bets. One can even place bets based on the colour. There are speciality corners too, where both the risk and the payouts are higher.

american roulette wheel vs european

There are many different types of the Roulette wheel; however, the most commonly paid versions are the European Roulette and American Roulette. Though the essence of the game remains the same, there are minor differences only in the way the bets are placed. The European version uses just one zero while the American version uses two zeros. The European version is more favourable for the better as the chances of you winning the bet are higher than American Roulette The roulette is a simple yet exciting game. One needs to be careful and cautious while placing the bets as luck can change anytime, leaving you in a massive debt or arms filled with chips.

Casino Betting Limits

Playing slots at casinos can be a lot of fun and very addictive too. One may not realise the amount of money and time spent at a casino, due to the number of people playing and the energy level in the place. We explore why its good to have casino betting limits.There is a decent chance if you follow these ideas winning at a casino maybe within your grasp.

Many people have lost more money than anticipated in casinos. Gambling is a severe addiction and can result in a lot of loss if not kept in check. If you are worried about crossing the line of betting for fun, over to severe addiction, here are a few steps to help you keep it in check.

Set Casino betting limit

The first and foremost step is to assess how much you can afford to spend on a casino on a regular basis. If you play online casino games, derive at an amount you can afford to pay on a daily basis. If you play it once in a while, then obtain at an amount you can spend per session.

This amount has to be derived by reducing your regular expenses and savings from your monthly pay. With the disposable income left, you can decide what the ideal amount to be spent at a casino is every visit.

This will let you know what the exact amount of money you can spare and gamble with is. This ensures you don’t end up spending all the money thinking you have more.

casino betting Frequency

Even if you are placing small bets, the frequency of your play can determine if you are having fun or are addicted. Also if you are spending minimal and your chances are not very large, you need to set a limit to the number of times you play such games in a week. This will help you realise when your gaming goes beyond the standard limit and turns into an addiction.

casino betting limits deposit

Create a separate bank account for your gambling purpose. Now transfer only a little money to it on a regular basis. Once the dough is over, it is an indication that you need to stop your gambling as you have crossed your limit that particular day. Though it may seem like an unnecessary process, in the long run, it can help you limit your spending, despite having a good run someday. Keep your casino payments to a minimum.

This can act as a reality check as when you run out of money in the account; you are forced to stop playing and return with whatever you have earned or lost. This can be very useful for those who tend to get carried away and don’t mind spending a little extra just because they are feeling lucky.

Going overboard with your spending when you are playing at a casino is extremely common. Since luck plays a significant role in these games, one is not ready to accept success didn’t favour them. Following the tips mentioned above can prevent you from spending too much on leisure.

Hugo 2 Casino Game

Probably one of the best and the most popular slot games, Hugo 2 must be reviewed. The game indeed has a lot to offer. It is modern, sophisticated and loaded with winning potentials. Let’s add that you get five reels and ten paylines in general. There are also free bonuses, and you get an opportunity to win a huge jackpot. Your bet may be multiplied by 5.000 times. Bets start with 0.10p, and you can bet up to 100 pounds. The game is based on a cartoon, so the graphics are corresponding. In addition, it runs on all devices.

Hugo 2 Review

The Play N Go Hugo 2 slotgame is based on the original Scandinavian show for kids; therefore it offers unique symbols. Let’s add the fact that there are a lot of them. You will be placed on a railway moving forward. During your action, you can get mining carts, sculls, bags of coins and diamonds, keys, whistles, hats and gold bars. Match 5 of them in a straight line and your bet will be multiplied by 52.5 times.
But, the main or let’s say the most potent symbol is Hugo itself. It can replace any other symbol, and it will make sure your bet is multiplied by 75 times! As such, you get an impressive winning. After all, the game is wholly based on Hugo character.



Hugo 2 Bonuses

Yes, the Hugo 2 game comes with excellent bonuses which can help you win a higher prize, get impressive features and also make you a happier person. The first bonus is called Troll Race Free Spin, and it will give you ten free spins. In addition, you will have to get a beaver sign on 1, 3 and five reels. A beaver clever is an added bonus which may be activated, and it will provide you five additional free spins. Activate it two times, and you will get additional ten free spins. The third time you activate it, you will enter the Skull Cavern Bonus. Here we must add that you can collect two multiplier coins. If you collect a total of 4, your winning will be increased by eight times.

In the Skull Cavern, you will have to navigate through the cave and try to get a bonus. If you end the path with all three lives still present, expect a multiplier of 5 times. Also, this bonus can be activated if you get Afskylia symbol on 3, 4 or 5 reel or 1, 2 and 3.

Hugo 2  Casino Game

The Hugo 2 casino game is impressive no less. It allows you to play it on any device you want, to get a massive jackpot which and all of this will be possible through a high level of fun. The game itself is easy to play and comes suitable for people of all ages. Symbols are significant as well, and bonuses are more than just possible. Free spins alongside free features and a low initial bet will make sure you end up with a jackpot.

Winning At A Casino

Between the slots, table games, the first visit to the casino can be quite overwhelming. For a beginner, the world of gambling will be too much to handle, and it is so easy to get caught up in the game. This will make you lose money. If you are a newbie to gambling, do read through the following pointers to equip yourself better to play the game and more importantly how winning at a casino need not be so hard.

what are the odds of winning at a casino

You should know the odds- You would be looking forward to the beginner’s luck. But let’s face it; it might not happen all the time. You should prepare yourself to handle the loss. It is okay to lose, by losing you will be able to understand where you are going wrong and what you should do the next time differently. Ensure that you don’t do betting for more money than you could afford to lose.

best chance of winning at a casino

The best way to maximize your chance of winning is to know which games provide the best odds.  Listed below are few of the games with best odds.

  • Craps- If you can roll the dice, you could play craps. This is an ideal game for the beginner. Your odds of winning this game are 50-50.

best chance of winning at a casino

what are the odds of winning blackjack at a casino

  • Blackjack- Even though you feel this is an intimidating game; this game gives the players best odds when compared to other table game.

winning in roulette at a casino

  • Roulette- There are varied ways to bet on the roulette wheel. If you stick to black or red or odds or eve, you will always a have a 50% of winning.

Get free lesson- In casinos, the business will be quite slow in the morning time. You could visit that time and dealers will be quite happy to teach you to play. You should always begin with low-limit tables as the high-limit gamblers usually do not have the patience for newbies.

Also, you will be able to find learning aids in the casinos. You could also read books authored by the gamblers about their experience. Don’t get carried away by the free drinks- If you had too many drinks in the casinos, then you should walk away immediately as it will cloud your judgment.