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Casino etiquette

What not to do at a casino should obvious, no? But you’d be surprised! Before you enter a casino, you should be aware of do’s and don’ts of the casinos and follow the casino etiquette. Most of the casinos have quite a set of rules to follow. You could save yourself from embarrassment if you are aware of the casino etiquettes. If you follow those rules, you could avoid getting glares from casinos dealers and also from your fellow players. Follow the below-mentioned tips before you make the first trip.

casino etiquette phone

Switch off the phone– In casinos, talking on the phone inside is not allowed as it will distract other players. If at all your phone rings, the dealer will ask you to attend the call outside or to keep it switched off.

casino etiquette for beginners

Dress appropriately– Even though some casinos allow you to come dressed in a casual manner like sandals and shorts, some others will not let you inside. Depending on which casinos you are planning to visit you have to decide on what you have to wear. You have to check with the casinos what the dress policy is so that you will not be under-dressed and you are restricted from entering the casino.

Do not carry a camera– Many of the casinos will not allow photography or videos inside the casinos. The securities are so strict in the casinos; you will be asked to leave the casino immediately. If you want to take back home the moments in casinos, it is better to buy a postcard from the local shops.

Keep control of your emotionsCasino games should be entertaining and friendly. Do not get outraged or start yelling if you lose the game or blame the dealer. This will only lead to sending you out of the casino.

Tip the dealers– It is usually a norm to tip the dealers when you leave the table. However, in a few countries, you are not allowed to tip. In another case, it does not have to be a significant amount, tipping a small amount will also do.

Handling the chips– In the roulette wheel table, you will be given different colour from others by the dealer. You should remember the colour and place it correctly for the best. You could ask the dealer for any help.


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