Planet Fortune Casino Game


The Planet Fortune game is based on the Forbidden Planet movie from 1956. It features the characters from the movie, the sounds are realistic, and the graphics are appealing as well. All of this should help you understand that the game is extremely popular at the moment and it has been one of the most desirable during the last couple of months. In this case scenario, you will get four rows and 40 paylines in general. All of this means that the winnings odds are more than just high and the main aspect of the game in question.

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Planet Fortune Slot

When it comes to the symbols, there are a few of them which must be your priority. In essence, you get to see the characters from the movie (men and women) and standard A, Q, K and J. But, here you also get 10, blue and pink crystal. We must mention that all the symbols are developed to look like they came from the movie itself, so they are very appealing. Here you also get a unique robot symbol. It will be more than just wanted symbol during the gameplay. First of all, it is a wild. Then you will want to know that it can substitute any other symbol in the game, allowing you to win severe amounts of money or to increase the jackpot even more.


Planet Fortune Bonuses

The game we have here comes with two main bonuses. Keep in mind that we will explain them in detail and you will want to get one or both of them as soon as possible. These bonuses can make a huge difference, and they are something every single player will want.

Magnetic Mayhem– The first bonus here is based on the reels forming 2×2 or 3×3 combinations of symbols. They will be paired, and they will assist you with winning. Keep in mind that this refers to all symbols except the robot.

Robot Revolution– In this case, scenario, you will get 3 or more robot symbols on the viewing reels. They will generate free rounds for you, and they will stay on the reels, slowly moving to the left with each round, until they fell off the reels. Of course, you will get ten free spins. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get any more free spins while the round lasts.
In general, these two bonuses can help you win huge money, and they are easy to get. In other words, the chances are high that you will win at least one bonus if you play for a long period.

Planet Fortune Review

The Planet Fortune game is probably the best one for all of you who liked the Forbidden Planet movie and also like slot games. The graphics are desirable, so you will want to watch the movie once again. The payouts and winning odds are higher than usual, so be prepared to win some money.