Viking Runecraft slot


The Viking Runecraft game has been developed in order to play video slots in a more entertaining and fun, an therefore more appealing, simply by adding plenty of new features and benefits. It is one of the latest games available to play and one of the most popular at the moment. Yes, it is a love and war slots game which features 7×7 grid and seven paylines, but as you shall see in the rest of the review, there are a lot of new features and elements. First of all, the game supports all possible platforms, so you can play it on any device you own. The minimum bet is 10p while the maximum one is 100 pounds. You can win 5.000 times of your stake!

Viking Runecraft symbols

Due to the fact, the game is based on Nordic religion and way of life; the symbols are corresponding. You will see rues, helmets, axes, hammers, and necklaces. But, here we can see four wilds as well. They come in the form of Nordic gods so that you will expect Heimdall, Thor, Odin and Freya. These symbols are the ones you will want to see in the grid.

To win you will have to match five symbols, vertically or horizontally. Once paired, they will disappear, and new ones will appear. The same thing will occur regardless of how many times you win, meaning that the winning potential is huge and there are no limits there! In a nutshell, you can earn a jackpot of 10.000 coins, so the game is more ‘’profitable’’ than most similar ones.


Viking Runecraft bonuses

There are several bonuses in the game, which is more than just desirable. Keep in mind that each of the following bonuses will appear when the meter on the screen is full. The bonuses include:
• Fury of Fenrir feature- 4 diagonal lines of symbols are affected. 2 of them will be replaced with the same symbol, while two will be destroyed.
• Judgement of Jörmungand feature- The game will choose random symbols and replace them with any other symbol.
• Scorching of Surtr feature- 3 symbols will be destroyed in a fire while revealing new symbols. This bonus allows you to win the spin.
• Lure of Loki feature- The game will choose two symbols. One will be replaced while other will be destroyed.
There is an additional bonus as well. When you fill the meter with the help of the bonuses above, you get to play the Ragnarök feature, which gives you one free spin.

Viking Runecraft slot review

The Viking Runecraft game is the one to pay if you like slot games, but you are tired of playing the same games over and over again. It is unique due to the massive grid, five bonuses in total and an enormous jackpot. Keep in mind that yes, here is possible to win a massive jackpot in no time at all. The graphics, sound and user interface are better than usual, so the game is highly addictive as you will see the first time you start playing it.

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